Toddler soft crawling touch ball

Vendor: Sewingo


recommended age :6 month and up

• Five small balls and one mother ball, each ball has a bright color appearance, and the ball feels very soft. The small ball can be loaded into the mother ball. The small ball is very suitable for children's small hands

• Each ball provides a unique tactile experience, everyone who has contacted them will have a different feeling, grasp, hold, push, pull, dig, and have 5 different tactile experiences

Product gameplay:

• The touch, texture, and hardness of the ball are different and placed on the baby's body to stimulate the touch.

• dig out the small ball, put it in the mother's ball, bounce it, pinch it, shake it, and let the child find the sounding ball

• Product help: help baby hand-eye coordinated development, visual search ability, explore tactile development