Electric Remote Control Fighting Boxing Battle Robot 2pcs

Type: robot
Vendor: Sewingo


Function: light sound, forward, left turn, right turn, left fist, right fist

Training mode: staged game mode, the robot attacks the boxing target, the boxing target needs to be inserted into the paper holder buckle, otherwise the boxing target is easy to fall to the ground.

Challenge mode: manipulating the robot for man-machine battle, the remote robot attacks another robot

Battle mode: support multiplayer play, two or more players play at the same time

The action is quick and responsive. Unlike robots with slow motion on the market, the response to remote control and punching is quick and sensitive.

Simulation boxing sound effects: mini real punch sound, rendering boxing fighting atmosphere

Infrared remote control technology

Robot: 3 AA batteries (without)

Remote control: 2 AAA-cell batteries (without)

Remote control distance 6-10 meters